Welcome to the Old Ape Country Club! An exclusive club comprised of 5000 elderly apes who are enjoying the latter part of their life after apeing into NFTs and Crypto when they were younger.

We’ve seen Bored Apes and Lil Baby Apes, so we decided to complete the trilogy by introducing the Old Apes.

Each Old Ape is unique and programmatically generated from a varity of possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more. All the Old Apes are dope, but some are rarer than others.

The apes are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. For more information you can check the FAQ page.


In their youth, a group of degenerate apes aped into the world of crypto and NFTs. They FOMO’ed into projects buying at tops and selling at bottoms. They were continually getting rekt until they lost everything. But instead of giving up, they smartened up.

The apes started learning how to wade through the shills, rugpulls and pump & dumps. The apes refined the art of Hodling great projects and flipping the marginal ones. Spending every minute immersing themselves in the world of Crypto and NFTs. Eventually it all paid off, and these apes made it. They are now enjoying their hard earned wealth at the Old Ape Country Club, an exclusive tight knit community of like-minded crypto enthusiasts. Do you have what it takes to join?


We’ve taken a lot of time thinking about what direction we’d like to take this project. There are far too many projects offering bloated promises to pump their own projects. Our team are predominately artists, and we’re doing this FIRST and FOREMOST for the love of the artwork and the vibe it provides. We don’t want to over hype our project or promise future plans that we cannot deliver on. Therefore we’ll be starting nice and slow. Below we’ve laid out a roadmap that we feels works to our team’s skillets and advantages, is positive for the community and its future, and most importantly, is achievable for us. But this roadmap is elastic, we’ll be adding to it as we grow and as dictated by our community.

25% Sold

30 Old Apes will be leaving the retirement home early, and will be airdropped into random wallets for free!

50% Sold

We’ll begin work on a secret companion NFT by the same talented art team that designed the original Old Apes. Old Ape Country Club NFT owners will be able to mint a companion for free (just pay gas) in Q1/Q2 2022. We’ll also be starting production on exclusive merch line which will only be available for our NFT holders.

At this point, the Old Apes will also be adding 10 ETH into a community wallet which will be used to invest in our community.

75% Sold

We’ll be purchasing land in The Sandbox and establishing a virtual space for the old ape country club and its esteemed members. Not only will this land be a foothold for our project in the metaverse, but we’ll be using it to host virtual events and community gatherings, AMAs and much more. At this point, the Old Apes will also be adding 10 ETH into a community wallet which will be used to invest in and grow our community.

100% Sold

The Old Apes Country Club Launchpad will… well, launch! As a team of predominately artists, we have built strong connections with other skilled 2D and 3D artists who are looking at establishing their own NFT projects. As such the Old Ape Country Club will be acting as a launchpad to provide these artists with the necessary support in exchange for whitelist spots for our holders. An additional 10 ETH will be put into the community wallet.

To Infinity and Beyond

Post a successful mint, the real journey begins. One thing we really want to do (which was brought to our attention from the Cyclops Monkey Club Discord) is use additional funds from the mint sales + secondary sale royalties to support our members’ entrepreneurial projects. The winning projects will be decided by the community after a final list is compiled by a select committee. The returns from these projects will be distributed to our NFT holders and the community wallet to keep the cycle growing. 

Roadmap Phase 2

Post mint, we will be introducing “Pills”. Consumables that can “change” your ape. Please check out the poster below for more details on the design, lore and a glimpse of what each pill will do! More information on the Pills (including distribution, acquisition and sneak peeks) to drop in Feb.